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Surround Setup - Help!

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zainm posted on Fri, Jul 3 2020 3:39 PM

Dear All,

I know this has been discussed in multiple forums but my question is slightly different.

I have recently bought a pair of BL 8000s and a BV 7-40 MK4. Given that the BV7-40 comes with the 7.2 inbuilt I want to use the BL 8000s in a 5.1 setup or 7.1 setup in a different room ideally with a 3rd party AVR and a Samsung TV (I will invest in more speakers if the solution is rock solid). My objective is not to just make the system work but rather to get the best possible sound using 3rd party devices.

I know I can connect the BL8000s to the preouts of an AVR. HOWEVER my experience has been as follows:

I have tested the BL 8000s in my house with my Denon X2000 AVR through the Preouts and i have tested the BL8000s with an Apple Airport Express. The sound is modified when music is Airplayed through the Denon; there is definitely more bass through the Denon but it loses the detailed highs and the overall musicality which is there with the Airport Express (but which lacks that punchy bass). Perhaps this is due to the different DACs of the Airport Express and Denon.

Given that I want to add more BL 8000s as rears and use the 7.2 as the centre I would need to go and invest in a AVR which has preouts and is 4K capable. A Denon 3600H or a Marantz 6014 would set me back about USD 1200 and Im not sure that I will get the sound that is the signature style of B&O. Im not just trying to make the 5.1 system work but I want the full potential of the system. Can anyone advise what I should do:

1) Invest in the AVR and take my chances with perhaps a different sound quality?

2) Invest in a Almando - can someone tell me if this works as well as B&O equipment and if the sound quality is optimum?

3) Recommend any other solution?

4) Abandon the idea of investing in more B&O products for the time being and just use the BL8000s for music with the Airport Express and wait till the BEOsystem 5 comes out if ever?

I would be grateful to get your inputs since I would invest close to USD 2500 and would be majorly disappointed if the sound quality is not atleast 90% as good as if paired with B&O equipment.

Thanks in advance!



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This thread might help you decide. Norwin mentions that the sound quality when using an Almando was very close to the original B&O sound.

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