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Making a reel to reel tape delay out of Beocord 1100 and having some issues

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Delaylaylay posted on Fri, Jul 3 2020 2:20 PM



Hopefully this isnt seen as off topic. I just bought a Beocord 1100 to use as a delay effect for making music. The way that works is that you plug in your instrument in the input, record and play, and the short distance between the record head and the play head, gives you a nice little delay effect (and you get more delay at a slower playback speed).

My issue is this, if I plug in an instrument in the input, I get a sound and I can record, and I also have a functioning sound out when using the playback function. However, when I press the record, I get no sound out from the speaker cable out, if I remove the outgoing cable, I can hear the instrument while recording on the internal speakers.

Does anyone know if the Beocord 1100 just disables the speaker out when in record mode? Im thinking I could just mod it a little bit and have something press the tape against the record head when in playback mode if that is the case. But I am not sure which the playback head is (i have uploaded a picture of the heads). I could even do the press against the record head method even if I cant also press it against the erase head (id just have to erase in advance I guess)


Or if there is another way to do this. I know soldering a bit and so on, but would obviously prefer a simpler solution


Super thankful for any advice!

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Beocord 1100 does not support "B-test" (playback while recording).
Only larger and more "professional" decks can do that.

In cheaper decks it's quite common to see some circuits used in both record and playback mode, switched here and there as required.


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