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trouble shooting advice CX75

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Der_Rudi posted on Sun, Jun 7 2020 11:16 AM

HI All,

I just refoamed a pair of CX75 (only the top drivers) and this was not a bad job at all. But now I tested them and they really sound as a beverage can. I didn't test them beforehand.

Now my question where to start with troubleshooting?

As I'm quite new to this.

Already measured the disconnected drivers with my ohm-meter and all are around 5,5 ohms which sounds about right?

did some more testing and i gt sound from the refoamed driver when connected directly to my pi-zero mini amp. but still weak. when connected to the rest there is absolutly no movement.

also tried to center them again but there is no rub no notice



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gentle bump

any help would be highly appreciated

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A couple of suggestions:

Did you reconnect the driver correctly? If you mix up + and - it will be out of phase, this will affect the sound.

Are both CX-es connected to the amp correctly?

What amplifier are you using?

Did you use a correct surround for the repair?

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