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CDX question mark problem.

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iankw posted on Sat, Jun 6 2020 2:43 PM

Hi I have a CDX which I bought from new which has not been used for some time. I decided that I wanted to get some proper enjoyment out it. After sorting out my RL45 speaker ABR problems I played a few CD's without problem. The following day I come to play another CD and have a "question mark" display and the CD doesn't play. So doing some research on this great B&O site I come to the conclusion that it may be a griplet problem. So I would like some advice on a couple of things please. I removed the srews from the underside of the CDX (see pic 1)

My first question is Have I got the right board (see pic2) and have i correctly circled the griplets in red?

I have read that you have to replace the wire which goes through the board. How exactly do i do that? and where does it connect underneath?

I thought it might be better to remove the board to do the soldering. Pic 3 shows a cable tie which is preventing me removing the board as it is connected to some wires underneath. Can I cut the cable tie and how do I replace it with a new one as getting to the underside of the cable tie is tricky. Maybe I should be approaching everything from a different angle? Sorry if these questions seem a bit basic but I am more used to dealing with mechanic and building materials. Any help would be greatly appreciated. Thanks





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