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Beogram 1000 1200 1202 1203 etc. roundbelts

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beovintage posted on Sat, Jun 6 2020 11:06 AM

As Beovintage I buy, repair and sell a lot of Beogram record players.

The problems are well known, engine too low in speed, belts and idler wheels worn out.

The last problems are solve by Dillen, Martin.

He sells round belts and they are perfect, measure is OK, but the stretch is very important, and OK as well.

This belt solves many problems, no lowering of speed, no noise and good switch between different RPM's

especially Beogram 1000 switching to 78 RPM works well.

Dillen also sells new idler wheels, to be used in players above. The old one's are sometimes hardened like stone and no more to be used. Big problem solved, they cost money but save your precious record player.

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Good afternoon

I have a Beogram 1000 with rotation speeds of 16, 33, 45 and 78rpm. Is this a very early model? It is a type 5203  not a 5202 but according to the Beoworld product spec the Beogram 1000 only had 3 speeds?

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Dillen replied on Thu, Sep 10 2020 5:56 PM

Sorry to say it, but the Beoworld product guide is lacking A LOT.

The first versions of Beogram 1000 had four speeds. Later versions had three.
The final ones - the ones with black speed selector handle and the Beogram 1000 badge on the deck surface had only two speeds - though the mechanics in some of them actually still provided three.


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