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BL 20/50, what source to be used?

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Moningsand posted on Sat, May 23 2020 4:54 PM

I suppose several of you with BL20/50/90 have tried slightly different sources to feed your speakers with and even digital versus analog connection. What are your experiences of them and how do you experience different quality of music type CD standard or HD?

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My BeoLab 90s are fed with quite a number of sources:

Quadraphonic turntable (Beogram 6000)

CD player (Beogram CD 5500)

Universal disk player [SACD/HDCD/DVD-A/Blu-ray Audio] (Cambridge CXU)

Cassette deck (Beocord 5500)

Streaming transport (Auralic Aries)

Reel-to-reel deck (Beocord 1200)

Quadraphonic eight-track cartridge player (National Panasonic RS845US)

I'm pretty format-neutral, and they all sound excellent to me.

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