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5V DC USB charger for Beo5?

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CrazyCatman Posted: Sat, May 23 2020 12:15 PM

I have three Beo5 remotes, a wall charger and two desk charger; unfortunately one of the chargers/docks don't have the wall socket.


Well, I have plenty of USB charging plugs - also Mini-USB male charging plugs - but they are are 5V (mainly 2A) as they were designed for mobile phones, but the chargers for the Beo5 are 4.7V 400 mA. And I wouldn't want to fry anything so I have to ask; anyone knowing of 5V is good enough for the 2.4 V battery?

On the fresh installed battery (non-original GP) I installed the resistor from the original Sanyo battery, and I imagine this is installed because of the charger being 4.7V and not 2.4 like the battery.

So... 5V DC or not?

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Hi Catman, 

I believe that the only way to charge the batteries installed into the Beo5 is with the included charger. I tried every combination of USB charging cables and wall adapters; but my Beo6 would only recognize them as PC USB connections rather than for charging the device.

The circuitry on the battery is actually the battery temperature sensor. I too thought that this was mean for voltage regulation; but after looking at the wiring diagram, I discovered its actual use.      

If you happen to have a universal charging kit with variable voltage; you might be able to dial it in to amount necessary to charge the device. 

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