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In need of a Beogram RX 5773 counter weight

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yankee2 posted on Thu, May 21 2020 8:52 PM

Hello. I'm Max and this is my first post on the Forum.

I've been shopping on-line for a counter weight for a Beogram RX 5773 turn table. I've come across two with different weight scales. I'm not sure which one is correct.

One is for an RX 2.   Does anyone know for sure if the counter weight for an RX 2 is the same one used on the RX. To enhance my chances of finding one, does anyone know what other B&O turn tables use the same counter weight as the RX 5773?

Incidentally, The tone arm seems to track just fine without the counter weight, but I'd just like to know it's tracking properly.

I'd be grateful.






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