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Avant 32 MkIII - DVD no play - swop chassis/controller out from MkII

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aintree posted on Wed, May 20 2020 9:43 PM

Hi Folks,

Hope someone can help.

The DVD in my MkIII stopped reading disks some time ago (2012),otherwise performs great.

Bought a Mk II last week for spares to swop out DVD.

Noticed that the lead from the power supply on the Mk III has more connectors and fastens on the rear of the controller but ribbon connectors and lead from chassis are the same.

Swopped out just the chassis/player...same symptoms...will open/close door and attempt to read disk (DVD screen comes up with Play) but fails to read and opens door.

So, swopped out Power Supply and Controller for ones from Mk II but now fails to respond to any DVD remote or panel commands! Load also no response.

Is there anything in the service menu that needs to be done?







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