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Repairing a Beosound 8

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ehecatl posted on Thu, May 14 2020 5:43 AM


I'm newly joined to the forum, but I've read posts in the past. I'm pleased to be here.

I might be asking this question too soon, so please bear with me. Today I purchased a Beosound 8 for an extremely good price that was described as "non working condition AS IS for parts or to be repaired. Cosmetically in good condition. The mayor issue is a dent in one speaker border and some marks and scratches from normal use, grill covers shows some tears too." I inquired for more information about the power issue, and this is what I got for a response: "when tested just a few light on, but nothing else, no sound or other functions working."

This led me think that maybe it could be something as simple as the iPod dock not working (which I've seen mentioned in the forums). And this is the reason why I decided to make the leap and purchase it. Hopefully, plugging in an AUX cable will work. 

Again, since it is not due to arrive until the middle of next week, maybe I'm jumping the gun by posting about it now. But I was wondering, if no sound comes out when I plug in an aux cable, might any of you who have had experience with the Beosound 8 offer some idea of what it could be? 

Also, the unit comes with no power cable, no remote, and no feet. I think I can find an ac powercable, and I don't think I need the remote, but any suggestions on where I might find feet for the unit? 

Thinking about it now, I'm starting to wonder whether I might have made a bad decision. Oh well.

Hello, BeoWorld forums!



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Pat replied on Thu, May 14 2020 7:51 PM
If no sound from AUX on the back (L +R) means faulty chassis - doubt available.
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UPDATE. The Beosound 8 arrived today. After checking the exterior, I plugged it in and plugged in AUX cables to the back. The light turned on, green, but when I went to try the sound, nothing came out. Feeling slightly disheartened, I went to dig around in my box of old stuff and found an iPod Touch that has not been used in years. I charged it up a bit and plugged it into the dock. Nothing at first, but then I noticed that if I jiggled the dock a bit, it would intermittently send power, and once I found a position where the light stayed green, I pressed Play on the iPod Touch. 

And it worked!

So I tried it with my iPod Classic, which is what I use in my office at work. Nothing. I tried moving it around, still nothing. 

So then I dug up a 30pin to Lightning adapter and plugged in my iPhone 11. It was kind of precarious perched on the dock, but the green light came on and I got sound from the speakers!

So it appears that the dock has a short in it, but it also keeps the AUX input from working. If I understood what I've researched correctly, the iPod dock is the default and if nothing is plugged in, then it goes to AUX. Given that I couldn't get the AUX to work, I'm guessing that the dock is engaged somehow (though the light does not turn green).

My plan for the Beosound 8 was to connect it to an old Airport Express so that I could basically use the speakers as an AirPlay device in my home office. So far, that doesn't seem to work. At my office I have a bluetooth adapter attached to my Apple iPod Hi-Fi, so my next step is once I can make it over there, I'm going to bring the adapter home. Hopefully that should work.

In the meantime, any suggestions on getting the AUX input to work? 

Thanks for reading.

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