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Beomaster 5 - how to make a Bluetooth connection for streaming?

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Benver posted on Tue, Apr 28 2020 6:31 PM

Hi all,

as newbie I have a question on my newly acquired Beomaster/Beosound 5.

I would like to be able to stream music to the Beomaster. I was told this could be an easy thing to do, via the USB connection on the back.

Could somebody enlighten me on what would be needed and where to get it? 

An additional question would be to understand how to refurbish my Beosound 3000, and if this can be done using a repair kit or best left to a repair centre? The problem relates to the doors not closing.

Thanks for your input on both questions!

regards Ben 

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Hi Ben and welcome to the forum.

For the BS5/BM5 you can use this one:|en)

Please note - you can also buy that from the sponsor of this site SteveSoundsHeavenly.


For the 3000 question - just wait.......or repost the question in a couple of days.



There is a tv - and there is a BV.

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Benver replied on Wed, Apr 29 2020 7:35 AM

Hi MM,

thanks for the link. Not sure though, can I connect via Bluetooth, or I need to plug in my phone or iPad to be able to work e.g. with Spotify ?

kr Ben 

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TWG replied on Wed, Apr 29 2020 9:01 AM

You'll need this USB-Interface to add the AUX-In physical connection to your Beosound 5.

To the interface you can connect a Bluetooth adapter with a cable. Search for an aptx-compatible Bluetooth-Receiver (if you plan to use non Apple sources as well) as it provides better sound quality

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