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Beosound Shape system - how many speakers? Compared to A9, Stage etc.

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Jensm1996 posted on Sat, Mar 21 2020 9:46 AM

Hi foks,


I'am about to build a new house, and i'am planning on getting a big Beosound Shape (in the size) on a 3,5 meter long wall with 2,6 to the top/roof. 

I already own a A9 MK3, Stage, Beosound 2 etc - but my question is:

If I do get a huge system (14-20 tiles) and only get 4 speakers, lots of dampers (for better acoustics in the room), which level is this at? Does 4 speakers in a shape system deliver the same sound as a Beosound 1, or Beosound 2? What does 8 tiles gives me (other than double the sound....)

But do 8 speakers in the system delivers the same sound as a A9 MK3?

I do have 30 m2, so I guess 8 speakers will be an overkill - I want it to fill out the wall pretty good, and also delivers great sound, and I guess 4 should do the trick, but what I can compare 4 speakers too of existing products?



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Johan replied on Sat, Mar 21 2020 11:02 AM

Hi Jensen 1996,

I remembered some conversation about this with a comparison between Shape and other B&O speakers:

Maybe this helps. Good plan though! I think Shape is a really nice B&O product,


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In that thread look for a post from w5bno123 with images of slides.

Your 4 Shape speakers = the SPL of a pair of BL17s.
Aussie Michael
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Thanks Johan and Frederic, I have found that link and post useful.

By that it is effectively showing that a BL17 is twice the power of a BL3 , etc 

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