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BeoLink/Masterlink issue with BeoPort

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kraut posted on Tue, Mar 17 2020 7:51 PM

Hello everyone

Now that I've more then plenty of time to try things out I wanted to extend my masterlink setup with two additional Wireless 1's to distribute N.Music of a BeoPort (option 2) to a Beovision 10-40 (option 6), BeoVision 8-32 (option 6) and BeoLab 2000 (option 6). 

After some hours of re-configurating and playing with the BeoPort options along a dozen of power resets I managed to only get the BeoLab 2000 working with the BeoPort. BV 10 and 8 power on on N.Music but no sound. If I power off the Wireless of both BV's N.Music can't be turned on, so they must react in some way? I'm a bit relieved that the BL 2000 work again but don't know what the issue might be with both BV's.

Before I added the BL 2500 to the setup I had the BeoPort connected through the Wireless with the BV 10 and it worked well. Though I don't remember the option settings.

Any ideas? I'm fighting if I should hit one of BV to option 2 and set the BeoPort to option 6 but I probably have tried that already. 


I also would like to ask in this context if I could integrate a BeoMaster 5 (w. BS5) and distribute A.Aux? I'm getting tired of optioning issues with the BeoPort but don't see any alternative music system to integrate in a pure ML configuration without a NL/ML converter and delay. In a few years I'll transit to NL so I would just love to stream my music the old fashioned way or mute N.Music amd play spotify. ;)


Thanks in advance for any tipps regarding my masterlink issue and feel free to advice me on extending my setup in a way that would satisfy my goal of streaming my music without having to integrate NL.


- David


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