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Beovision 4-50 Beosystem 3 no picture

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musicsound posted on Wed, Mar 4 2020 11:59 AM

My Beovision 4-50 / Beosystem 3 doesn't show picture anymore after moving and a few months in storage. The screen clicks on, but only shows dark grey. Sound is still working.

After reading some posts I tried with another RS323 cable (from Beosystem 2 / Beovision 4-42 - do they have the  same RS323 set-up?) same thing.

Now I got me a Panasonic remote and the screen works fine apparently. I hoped to easily find the DVI input and choose this and see picture again. But I am confused. There is choice for RGB/Component source. And there are Inputlabel2 choices, they are all with 2 extension: DVD2, CATV2, PC2, Digital2 etc. I tried them all but no picture.

Are there any other settings in the Panasonic menu involved? Who can help me?

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hi there,

i have the same issue,,the sounds works perfect but the screen stays black.

replaced the rs232 cable whit no results..

do i understand you correct You got a other remote controle and the screen came back on?

it looks like a simple problem,,,but,,,,wel You know



kind regards Johan

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