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Problems with my remote B&O4 and surround-sound system

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quintin010 posted on Sun, Mar 1 2020 4:51 PM

today I tried to install my new B&O tv 7-55 to connect with my surround-sound system my first problem is that only my sounder connects with the tv and not the other speakers.

second of al when I tried to go in my menu of the tv I could't scroll between the options it was just changing the volume going lower or higher. I have tried reading the manuals but could not figure out what the problem is.

when I tried to reset the remote it was still functioning on the tv, if anyone knows something pls let me know.

the product we are using:

B&o vision 7-55
B&o4 remote control
B&o LAP 4000
B&o LAP 2
B&o LAP 702 

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It sounds like either the BeoVision or the Beo4 remote is in "navi" remote mode while the other is not.

Is your Beo4 one with "go" tabled on the center button or one that has a tiny movable stick in the middle? The Beo4 with the movable stick is capable of "navi" mode while the remote with the "go" button is not. Also, if it's a Beo4 navi, is it in "navi" mode or non-navi mode? The mode can be switched.

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