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BeoLab 7.1 & LG OLED TV Problem

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AndrewEcosse posted on Tue, Feb 18 2020 9:51 AM


I've a LG 49SM9000 attached to a BeoLab 7.1 using Steve's (SoundsHeavenly) kit via the headphone socket. The sound routes ok, but I have two issues. The first is that there is a low level hum and a regular slightly louder static sound. The second is the volume on the tv only needs to be very low to be quite loud at the speaker. 

So tests done so far, connecting an iPhone and MacMini to the speaker via the headphone cable and all works perfectly. No hum or static. I've tried three headphones with the TV and again the sound out of the TV is perfect through them. So both ends seem to work fine, but not when connected together. I've bought a ground loop isolator, but that made no difference and when there is no output from the TV there was an even louder hum. 

Attached is a sound file of the issue. At about 0:10 / 0:06 / 0:04 is the louder static sound. 

Any advise would be greatly appreciated. 

Take care, Andrew.


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