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Beovision 9 speaker..

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bramble posted on Wed, Feb 5 2020 5:33 PM
The centre speaker has just stopped working, was working fine and then nothing

When you connect the power terminal to the terminal on top off the metal cage, all the circuit boards that are housed it clicks then the speaker produces sound then clicks this an expensive fix or do I try and get it repaired ( I no nothing about electronics)

Would anyone with knowledge in this be able to fix or is it b&o?

Beovision 7 40 mk 5 ,beovision 6x3,   beosound 3000, beogram 3300 , 2 x lc2, 2 x beocom 1401, beocom 6000 x 2,  5 x beo4, 

, 4 x beolab 4's, form 2, h2, a2,a1 and a beolab 2 😀😀




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mbdj replied on Wed, Jul 21 2021 12:19 PM

Did you get this problem fixed? Mine has developed the same fault.

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