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Connect Beogram 3500 to Beomaster 2400

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ClaireandAndre posted on Fri, Jan 3 2020 9:12 AM


I recently purchased a Beogram 3500 in order to be able to listen to CD's with my Beomaster 2400. I connected the Beogram to the phono input of the beomaster. Everything seems to work perfectly except that the sound is very loud and there is some distorsion. I searched for information on this forum and I think it is because there is a RIAA integrated in the phono input of my Beomaster 2400, but the Beogram 3500 doesn't need any.
I concluded that I had to connect the Beogram to the Tape input, but this is a 5 PIN DIN socket, so I cannot plug my 7 PIN DIN cable from the Beogram.

==> Is there an existing adaptator cable 7 PIN DIN to 5 PIN DIN?

==> do you have another solution using the phono input?

Thank you for your answer!

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Hi there.

If you look closely at the 7 pin DIN-plug, you can see that the 2 extra pins can be taken out with a screwdriver -there is a very tiny groove at the end of each pin. 
You'll need a very small "watchmaker" screwdriver - then turn the pins counter-clockwise.
(remember to store them in a safe place, in case you'll need to put them back again) Wink

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Thank you very much, it works. What a wonderful sound!!

New question: how is it possible to turn the beogram 3500 completely off (not only in sleeping mode by pushing on the small round on the right)?

Is it only possible by removing the electricity plug?

Thank you!



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