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Penta 6602 with unusual PCB

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punkieys17 posted on Wed, Jan 1 2020 8:12 PM

Wondering if I can tap member's expertise. I'm restoring the electronics of a Penta Mk1 amplifier (6602). I have found the input/limit board has the number 8002831E (the top left of the Amplifier/power supply section - marked a s section 2) and it boasts two additional transistors Tr15 and Tr16 to the normal 8002831 board.  I cannot find any service manual with a circuit for this. Has anyone seen this. I have searched the service manuals for Mark 1,2 & 3. The circuit looks close to that of a standard Type2 but without the TR80 and Tr90. I'm keen to get hold of the relevant service manual as this is the first penta i've repaired and so far have had to deal with blown power transistors etc...and the circuit diagram certainly makes it easier.

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