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Beovision 11 Sound Settings

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hostler posted on Wed, Dec 4 2019 4:59 PM

I have a lovely BV11-55 (thanks Ian!) paired with some BL18's as front speakers, and a BL19 Sub for extra bass. It's integrated with a BS Moment for (lossless) audio streaming via Deezer.

I have setup a couple of presets for TV watching. film watching and music listening that cast the speakers into different groupings, and use different settings. The main difference is the use (or not) of the TV speakers as a 'centre' speaker for TV & Film use and the relative volume of the Sub.

The room is largely rectangular, with the TV on the wall on the 'long' side with BL18's about 1m either side of the BV11. The BL19 is off behind, and to the right, about 4m away from the centre listening position.

These presets have been in place for 6 or so months, and generally work well. Imaging is good (and when I can get some rears I expect will get even better).

I've been playing with the advanced settings the BV11 affords - of which there are many! - and wonder if there's a good working guide as to how to approach this in amore structured way than "try it and see"?

For instance, I originally had the dB offset levels for the 18's and 19 set to (+) values to account for their increased distance from the listener (and as described was happy with the stereo imaging) but had a play, and tried some (-) negative db values for the 18's (but keeping the 19 at a (+) positive value) and was genuinely surprised at how better the overall sound was.

Much less boom, and much more controlled balance. Great!

So, I wonder if there's any resources for helping us to achieve optimal setups - guiding us through the more esoteric options like db offsets, frequency crossovers and roll offs, and ceiling settings etc. Can't help but feel I'm fumbling around in the dark - which is fun - but could be better approached.

Basically, has anyone trapped and bottled the TonMeister ;-)

Thanks in advance






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Nicely put and I’ve same sort of experience. There is a technical sound guide

In here all functions are explained But as you stated, for me it’s try and error to find the correct sound image. My experience is that the distance settings of each speaker has huge impact and in bass management the settings for balance and panning also of course. Based on the guide I’m still not sure what I’m changing .

A pair of rear speakers will give you a great addition to the sound experience. BL17’s ?!
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Geoff Martin has some articles in the B&O Tech section of his blog:

Some of these (6,8,13,14) might give you some guidance.

For an overall view you should consult the Technical Sound Guide as Fansastic already adviced.

That is something that you have to re-read many times!


Apart from that, it is very hard to give a recipe for the best practice.

Everything with reproduction of sound is very dependent on the room where the gear and you are located.

Also don’t forget that your preferences are a part of this - there is not one shoe that fits all.


The good things about all these ‘handles’ in the audio engine of the BV11 is that you never reach the end of the possibilities.

So keep on experimenting!


My own conclusion however, is that you should stay a while with the settings that you settle for and listen.........before you make any big changes again.

Swapping too fast between different settings can make one very confused.



There is a tv - and there is a BV.

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