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BS Essence and Penta+S8

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1990 posted on Sat, Nov 30 2019 5:10 PM

Hi there, 

I've sold my Essence Mk2 to someone via our local classifieds site. He is trying to setup the Essence Mk2 with two Penta Mk3s + an S8 sub. The S8 works fine but the Penta's don't give any sound. Not on PL1 nor on PL2. My guess was that it's the DIN>RJ45 converter, but he claims to have tested that already. 

Any of you some idea of what could be amiss? I want to help him set it all up, but am at a loss now...

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- Is the RJ45 to DIN Powerlink adapter fully wired? I think the BeoLab with displays need all 8 pins to be wired.

- Are the Powerlink cables between the adapter and the speakers fully wired?

- Are the speaker cables daisy-chained? Try connecting each Penta directly to the Essence, without the S8.

- Are the switches on the Pentas set correctly? One should be set to L and one to R (sorry to state the obvious, but they do have an OFF setting).

Good luck,


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The problem is, that the RJ45/PL port on the Essence (and the newer products)  probably will not provide enough power to trigger the amps of the BL Penta’s..

There is, however a solution for that.

Please contact Steve/SoundsHeavenly direct - he should have the solution.


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1990 replied on Sun, Dec 1 2019 12:45 PM

Thanks for your help! The RJ45<>DIN connector was faulty. It’s working atm 👍

Steve at Sounds Heavenly
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Thanks MM!

Yes, this is fairly typical of an adapter that isn't fully wired.  The Pentas should work reliably when a fully wired adapter like this one is used (the trigger current for the Pentas is quite low, as they drain the signal through a 47k resistor if I remember correctly):-

Kind regards, Steve.


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