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Beocenter 2 CD clamper not opening

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gadmin posted on Mon, Nov 18 2019 11:43 PM

Hi all, I have a Beocenter 2 which for some reason the clamper is intermitent at opening. I press the load button the wings open but the clamper does not, neither do the lights come on. I can hear the motor and if I press the load button again then the clamper opens and closes followed by the wings closing. I believe this is to do with a belt under the right door, but I am unsure how to access this. I tried to take the back off with the four brass allen bolts but these did not seem to want to come out, they loosened slightly then got tight. I did not won't to force them out and  brake anything so left it as is as I am unsure if these were  the right bolt to remove. Any help on this would be very much appreciated 



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Hello gadmin

The cause of your beocenter 2 malfunction is undoubtedly because the belt under the right door has deteriorated and stretched. It can be cured by replacing the belt.

To remove the door, turn the two brass screws on the back of the door to lift the door. Turn the plastic screw between the two brass screws 180 degrees to unlock the door.

Good luck.

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