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Beo6 and infrared control of LG air conditioner ?

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Frederic Posted: Wed, Nov 13 2019 7:46 PM

Seperate of the more important question of controlling my samsung tv i was wondering if someone has a xml file or the hex codes of the infrareds signals to control 2018/2019 air conditioners ?

Would be cool to control everything in my home cinema room.

Good evening

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I'm asking myself the same thing. Just bought the 2019 air conditioner. I used to control everything in my home cinema room. But it was with my old LG air conditioner, which is in a working condition but technically too old compared to my new one. However, I noticed that newer versions require more cleaning. I don't know why. Maybe it's because of increased power consumption or more advanced filling. I even order an air conditioner chemical wash to prevent issues twice per year. Is it worth it? I mean, should I bother so much about cleaning these modern air conditioners?

Keith Saunders
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Over the years I have made XML files for a couple of air conditioning units in particular units made by Daikin and I think I did one for AirForce units.

Almost all remotes for air conditioning units do not use standard protocols such as NEC and as such are more difficult to create, but certainly not impossible.

If you find a pronto codes for your air conditioning unit, then I can make an XML from them.

One good place to find Pronto codes is HERE

Regards Keith....

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poiana replied on Fri, Jul 9 2021 9:28 PM

I recently had a problem with my aircon, which I bought not long ago and it seemed to work very well from the beginning. I am a lonely girl and I didn't know where should I go or do in this situation. I was completely disappointed ,because all the people I've asked couldn't help me. Then by chance I saw one of my friends posting on social media about a website that repairs aircons ,so I also talked to them about my problem and they answered at all of my questions very politely. I was impressed because the workers were qualified and solved the problem very quickly.

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