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Left Channels not working, Beomaster 4000

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wowblox posted on Tue, Nov 12 2019 12:40 PM

Hello all,

New user, first time BEO owner (attempted). Yesterday I purchased a used in "good working condition" Beomaster 4000 from someone. I took it home and tested it and the left speaker channels aren't working. Tested different speakers, wires, different inputs, and even the built in FM radio doesn't come out the left speaker channel. Additionally the left channel of the headphone jack does not make any sound. So this leads me to believe something is internally F'd up. And I have tried BOTH speaker outputs, 1 and 2. the left channel doesn't work on either consistently.

Has anyone had experience with this type of issue or similar one? I really don't want to give back the amp and ask for my money back since I have been looking for specifically this model for a while (black metal  finish). But I fear it's a costly repair and one that I probably can't do myself at this point, so I may be forced to get my money back.

Thanks for any tips!

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