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Beocenter 7002 tone arm not lifting

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Thijme94 posted on Thu, Nov 7 2019 9:13 PM

Hello all, 

Last week I came across a Beocenter 7002 with S80 speakers and SC77 cabinet. It looks great in the room! However, there seems to be a problem with the tone arm. When pressing the phono button, the tone arm moves towards the record but doesn't lift onto the record. It just gets stuck on the side of the record. When placing the needle on the record by hand the same line of the song just keeps repeating. 

Does anybody have any idea what the problem could be? I did not have the courage yet to open the Beocenter up, my experience is limited here. 

Many thanks! 


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Transport screws undone?
Tonearm straight?
Check the tonearm height adjustment (small screw on the lifter arm).


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Thank you for your answer.

The transport screws are turned all the way clockwise. The tone arm itself is straight, however it seems that there Is a lot if play in de black support keeping the tone arm in line with the lifting mechanims (see picture).

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