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Buying advice, new main setup for movie + music with Beolab 50

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BeoPer posted on Sun, Nov 3 2019 8:58 AM

Hi all, I am in for replacing my old equipment but have a really hard time deciding what to go for.

This is how I am thinking.


I have had the last 5 years a setup of mainly Avant 55 Gen1, Beolab 5 and Beolab 9 in main room.


I used this for quite much movie watching as a 5.0 setup and also the Beolab 5 for 2.0 for music via the Avant.

I have now sold that since I would like to replace it with never stuff. Was not happy with the Avant for various reasons and the Beolabs was getting old.


What I mainly want now is a pair of Beolab 50 for music and film and also a possible bigger screen 65”.

I would be ok with a 3.0 setup for film and 2.0 for music.

It is also important that it integrate wells and is easy to use I.e. using the speaker roles that is integrated in using the Beoremote one etc.


The problem: I can’t justify myself the price for an Eclipse and especially not the 65” version. Alos due to that it is now 2 years old already in technology and the main reason for me now replacing my old stuff is to get new that I could sit on for at least the coming 5 years.


What I came up with is buying a pair of Beolab 50, LG OLED65C9 screen, Beosound Stage and a Core.

This setup would give me for the moment a movie setup with the stage and great 2.0 music via Beolab 50 and Core. Then HOPEFULLY later maybe next year I can replace the Stage and Core with some sort of “soundbar” from B&O that would give me the “eclipse” integration I really want and hopefully reuse my LG C9 screen for that.


Any comments or suggestions how I should think?

Thanks in advance.

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Why not the Harmony in 65”?

And if not, why not lg - core - bl50’s? If it’s all in the same room.

Are you sure you can go back to non surround for movies?

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Harmony not appealing to me for the design. And the lg-core-bl50 wont give me 3.0 movie sound as I understand it. Or am I wrong?

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