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BS Stage with projector and Apple TV

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1990 posted on Mon, Oct 28 2019 12:53 PM

Hi there,

I really want to upgrade my bedroom V1 to a Stage + screen. My wife thinks 55" is too big (it kinda is upgrading from 32"). So now we're thinking about a projector. So we'd have just the Apple TV for sources (just like we have with the V1 now).

But now I'm at a loss how to connect is all properly. If we'd want to watch something the Apple Remote would be the preferred remote. It can send CEC-commands. But can I connect the projector to HDMI Out, and the AppleTV to HDMI In? Or use an HDMI-splitter with ARC-support?

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Hiort replied on Mon, Oct 28 2019 4:32 PM

But can I connect the projector to HDMI Out, and the AppleTV to HDMI In?

I guess the Stage expect to receive the sound back on the HDMI out (though ARC). Not sure how that would work in your setup.

I guess a splitter is the best solution where picture from ATV goes to projector and sound to Stage possibly to HDMI in....





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