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Floor Stand Beovision 7 and Beolab 7-6 - Spare Parts

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twowheel2001 posted on Wed, Oct 23 2019 12:02 PM


Long time that I've been here

I know, most might think, why to buy such an old TV, however offer was so damn cheap, that I could not resist!

So here we are, owner of a 7-55 MK1 since yesterday.

There is 2 spots, which are not in mint condition:

1. Low Stand / On the 2 posts, one Top Lid is dented. Looks alike, when assembled or dismantled, rear cover pressed the dent. Is feels like thin foil?! Is this only glued with adhesivce tape and available as spare part? Any idea of costs?

2. on the lab is also a small dent and scratch in the Speaker cover. Is the cover available as single part?

Both or not Mission critical, however it would please me, to have that in perfect condition as well!

Thanks in advance,



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