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Beolab 2 distorted diaphragm

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jbarhydt posted on Thu, Oct 17 2019 1:09 AM

I recently purchased a used Beolab 2 (BL2) to compliment a set of Beolab 1 speakers that I purchased earlier in the year.  The box and packing that the BL2 came in were not sturdy enough to protect the sub, so I suspect that the sub bounced around during shipping.  When I unpacked the sub, I noticed a "clanking" noise coming from inside the chassis.  I also noticed that the outer diaphragm was "tilted" in one direction, and as I rotated the sub, the "tilting" of the diaphragm would change shape.

I downloaded the service manual and noted that B&O states that there is a mechanical limit to the driver, and I'm wondering if during shipping, the sub was dropped in such a way that the voice-coil in the driver exceeded the "mechanical limit" and was damaged.  Other than the exploded parts diagram, I don't know what the driver looks like, but if it is like other speaker drivers that I've had in the past, the distortion of the diaphragm/grill is most likely due to a broken voice-coil.

I connected the BL2 to my existing system and the red light came on with the power leads, and then the green light came on for a second when I turned the system on, only to go back to red.

I'm thinking that the driver is physically broken.

Question 1:  If I pull out the driver, can I see visually if the voice coil is dislocated/broken?

Question 2:  Can I use my ohm meter on the driver contacts to verity that the voice coil is still attached or not?



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