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Beovox S120 woofer replacement

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Jakobdupont posted on Wed, Oct 9 2019 7:15 PM

Hi experts

I'm currently renovating a pair of S120's where the original woofers has been replaced by a cheaper alternative. Is it possible to find one? It says on the Beoworld page, that a Peerless 8" woofer is available. I just can't quite seem to find it. 

Does anybody know anywhere to find one?  

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Dillen replied on Thu, Oct 10 2019 6:55 AM

I've seen and tried many different replacements, but there's nothing like the original woofer.
It's a custom produced driver, and its T/S parameters are impossible to match.
Finding original woofers is difficult.
To many owners aren't aware that they can be repaired or don't want to spend the money it costs.
Instead they replaced them with cheap junk and threw the original ones away.
Later they throw the speakers away because "this old B&O-junk sounds awful".


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