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Beoplay E8 - the left bud discharges spontaneously

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Amigo799 posted on Wed, Sep 18 2019 3:13 PM

Hi guys

Noticed that left bud of my beoplay E8 discharges spontaneously no matter where he is - fully charged in charging case or out of it. This problem concerns only left bud , the right one workes correctly - in power saving mode or in charging case the battery charge does not decrease.

 I have two pairs of Beoplay E8 ( and two charging cases ) - both with the same problem.

I think that the left bud is impossible to turn off completely in principle - i.e. it must be all time in standby mode for signal reception from right bud ?

Or is there some way to turn off the left bud completely?



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Answer from support to my dealer about this issue.


Charging the Beoplay E8 battery


1. Does the Beoplay E8 enter standby at some point if left outside the charging case? Sometimes I only have sound (battery charge) in the right earbud.

2. Can I leave the earbuds in the charging case for days without using them? Will this cause damage to the battery?

3. What is the lifespan of the rechargeable lithium-ion battery in my Beoplay products?


1. The left earbud (NFMI) will always drain battery until placed in the charger, where it will start charging. If the battery of the charger is depleted, the left earbud will not shut down but keep using its battery until depleted.

This means that if left outside the charging case, then only the right earbud (Bluetooth) will shut down after being without Bluetooth connection for 15 minutes. The left earbud will only shut down if placed in the charger - provided that the charger has battery capacity.

2. You can charge in the charging case as often as you want - the built-in software and electronics will optimize the charging automatically. If the battery of the case is depleted, the earbuds will not switch off when placed in the charger. Always ensure to charge the case (every two weeks if not in use). Check the white LED's on the back for indication of available charges - they light up when the earbuds are docked.

3. A lithium-ion rechargeable battery has a specific number of charges. If you drain the battery completely every time you use a product, you can expect approximately 400 charges before the capacity goes below 80% compared to when new. However, a partial discharge reduces stress and prolongs battery life. Hence, if you do not discharge the battery completely, the charges can go up to several thousand cycles.

Therefore, we recommend charging your Beoplay products when necessary, e.g. every other day and storing them in normal room temperature when not in use.

Beoplay E8 is built to be stored in its charger when not in use.

The charging case for Beoplay E8 2.0 has Qi wireless charging e.g. via the Beoplay Charging Pad - both available as accessories from April 2019. The first generation Beoplay E8 can also use the charging case designed for Beoplay E8 2.0 holding enough battery for three charges.
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