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Beolink 1000 not working

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william13 posted on Mon, Sep 9 2019 11:05 PM

I have the above remote which suddenly went on the blink.  Or should I say it won't blink

So far this is what I did


1.  I used a wire with batteries removed to reset it

2.  I did the sound one store reset

3.  I checked the batteries

4. I replaced the two capacitors

5. I measured voltage to capacitors  (4.5v) to both)

6.  I disconnected and reconnected the emitters and tested them (they work)

7.  No light is seen with digital camera

8.  I reflowed solder on the bigger joints

9.  I have not put my oscilloscope on it yet


I noticed there are no pictures of the 1000 on the web.  I would love to post a picture but don't know how





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