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Beolab 2 Even when played at full volume I can just about hear it.

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max65special posted on Sun, Sep 8 2019 2:30 PM

The sound from my Beolab 2 is very quiet. Even when played at full volume I can just about hear it.

When I increase the volume or change the cd track there is a brief buzzing sound or sounds. 

When the system is standby the light on the BL 2 is red. When the system is active the light turns to green which I believe is normal. 

This is the configuration I am using.

BL speakers both connected to the out sockets on the BL 2.

Setup selection is free & selection 2.

The last PL lead is connected to one of the PL sockets on the BS3200.

I have:-

Beolab 8000 mark1 speakers.

Beo4 remote control.

Beosound 3200 HDD system.

I have recently bought mk2 powerlink cables. I have tried other PL cables without success.

I have tried pushing in the cables in case of loose connection.  

I would very much appreciate any ideas. Thanks. 

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BL2 should be quite noticeable, I used to have one paired with BL8000 as you have. Ideally a sub should simply 'support' the mains and not draw attention. But the BL2 has limited controls so a bit of trial and error.

Settings and connections should be okay.

Try running just the BL2 by disconnecting the BL8000s, it should be very apparent of the low end.

Steve at Sounds Heavenly
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Hi max65special,

Can you hear the Beolab 8000s normally please?  If so, then the cabling is all fine, this would suggest a subwoofer fault?

Kind regards, Steve.


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