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Beosound 2300/3000 keyboards removal…

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matador43 posted on Sat, Sep 7 2019 6:48 PM

Hi alls,

I had for a long time an absolutely perfect cosmetic Beosound 3000, with an absolutely fried eeprom Big Smile.

Today I bought a Beosound 2300 which work good so far, but is in a very used aesthetic state with the idea of swapping the shells.

So far I managed to remove the needed pieces: top rail, front panel and all the others easily removable parts.

But I'm stuck with the keyboard. I'm unable to remove it from the front panel. I can see two little pins end which could be the tip of a screw coming from the other side (before glueing the chrome foil) but I hope this it not the case and the keyboard plate is just glued or clicked in.

Do somebody know how to remove it? 

Thank you in advance.



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Replacement of the keyboard is done by removing/cutting the plastic parts which holds the metal bracket. After replacement of the foil or buttons, the metal bracket will be hold in place with smal screw with washers, which comes with the replacement kit.

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Thank you Beobuddy,

My post being pending for moderation and the two Beosounds with the guts open, I had to figure it out by myself!

Now the transplant is over and everything is working fine.

The CD player make some jumps in the last track of the disc which makes me think the end is close (but I have a replacement unit in the 3000), and the working light has burn during the reassembly. I have to order new ones this week.

But it's all working good and in good company with the Beolab 2500 who felt very alone since I bought the 4000!.

Good sunday to all.

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