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Poor bass from beolab 19- help me!

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Kjaerslund posted on Fri, Sep 6 2019 11:03 PM

I recently bought a set of bl 17, bl 18 and a bl 19 to handle the bass.

It is connected to my beolab transmitter 1, via WISA ( I WANT NO WIRES)

The beolab transmitter 1 is connected to my lg oled c7 via toslink.

I tried resetting the transmitter several times, adjusting the speakers (W/F/C) , with and without 2.1 subwoofer setting. And a lot of other things.

 But in the end, the bl 17's delivers almost as much bass as my bl 19, and im actually really dissapointed. I barely cant hear the difference when i unplug the bl 19.

Is it just because b&o simply wont communicate with my lg c7?

I badly need help.

Im thinking of buying a used beovision avant 55"  if that is the last possible solution.


Best Regards

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Aussie Michael
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My take is that I’m wondering if you have a surround sound processor in the middle of all of this ?

The transmitter 1 just makes your WISA speakers talk but doesn’t decode the surround sound “stuff”

So what you might be experiencing could be this ?

Or has it worked very well before and suddenly it degraded ?

What settings is your BL19?
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Louannec - France
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The SUB 2.1 switch must definitively be ON for the TR1 to send the proper signal to the 19. The cut-off frequency is 120 Hz

Do you have B&O Input switch set to OFF if you have no other B&O product connected to it?

Have you tried with a music stream from another device connected to the TR1, e.g a smartphone?

I clearly hear the difference when the TR1 SUB 2.1 switch is on or off, all sound sources included.

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Omid Moshtagh
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Burlington Ontario Canada
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Did you ever resolve your issue? I have the same issue with beolab 19 connected to beovision 11 wirelessly


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