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CD Hub for Beocenter 9000

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Remidiah posted on Thu, Aug 29 2019 5:09 PM

35 years ago I bought my beocenter 9000, its still in daily use and brilliant.

BUT the central locating hub of the CD deck is missing. This is the plastic bit surrounded by a spring.

I know they stopped supporting this one yet does anyone have one I can use/buy? I am hopeful its the same part as used on other decks?

My (almost) retired B&O engineer has said the option is to buy a DVD player and plug it in via DIN as an aux or Tape 2 yet  I would prefer to use the existing deck if possible?



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Unfortunately this part is unique to the Beocenter 9000, however, some years ago it was being 3D printed by a fellow member of ours.

Search the forum and you will eventually find a reference.


Found it....

Regards Graham

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Or here:


Pm me if you need one. 

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