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Beomaster 8000 Low volume in headphones and speakers. Speakers amp clipping at low volume also.

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derezzler posted on Wed, Aug 21 2019 10:30 PM

Hi, about a bout a year ago I got the recap kit to recap my Beomaster 8000. After a long hiatus I finished it today besides the trim controls, and I'm having a few problems. I started out by listening to the FM through my headphones and the volume was very low, and a little bit louder in my right ear. So I switched to TP2 to listen to my ipod and it has the same problem. Next I hooked up my MS150s and tried listening through those and it was also very low volume. Next I tried just hooking my ipod up to the RCA filter jacks on the side and it had a little more volume but it was still very quiet and louder on the right channel, and also it would start clipping at about 3.5 volume setting and cut in and out even though it was not loud at all. I'm pretty handy with electronics but I'm by no means an expert. I have a decent multimeter and am willing to try some things. What should I look at next?



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