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Loud clicks at startup of Beomaster 7000

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hermflink posted on Sun, Aug 18 2019 9:42 PM

Hi All,

Since a few weeks, my Beomaster 7000 has loud clicks over the speakers when powering on from standby by selecting an input. I noticed the mute relay clicking at the same time as the power relay. Normally, I would expect the muting relay to activate a few seconds after powering up when voltages are stable (to protect the speakers, right?).

I measured spikes of 3V on the speaker output during startup and also sometimes when switching mute on/off. Don't want to damage my speakers.

Inside, I found the mute relay being a black component instead of the transparant version I see in links like, so I would expect it has been replaced before (bought mine ten years ago, don't know what the previous owner serviced).

The caps look original, as far as I can determine. Would this sypmtom indicate recapping the BM?

Also, my remote Beolink 1000 in not always responsive. Cleaned the dust from the IR leds, but to no effect.

I am up to this job, would love to learn from it, and the link above already made me anxious to step in.

Please advice, many thanks in advance.




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