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Beomaster 900 Deluxe

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AndyRN Posted: Thu, Aug 15 2019 12:15 PM

Hi all, I hope I find you all well!

I’m a new poster and just looking for a couple of pointers. I’ve just purchased a Beomaster 900 Delixe, I am an engineer so refurbishment mostly makes sense so far from reading the forums. Electronically the thing is sound, radio, speakers etc all function. The motor is free to turn and I have a new belt on the way. The couple of questions I have so far are...


How much play should there be in the idler wheel and speed selector? On rotating the speed selector it doesn’t seem to be held in place and moves freely on all planes, up down and left/right meaning it does not always make contact with the motor output... will this be solved by a new belt or is further investigation required? The rubber on the idler seems in good condition and not hardened or brittle (output shaft from the motor is shouldered and not conical, motor is the ‘round’ type. 

there are also some parts missing or damaged, stylus - bent needle, the bush for the counterweight on the tone arm, the counterweight locking ball is seized, the fine speed adjuster wheel is cracked and so not working and the switch in the arm rest back hook is detached from the body (glue?).


I will add some pictures once I’ve uploaded them to my computer. Any thoughts, advice or tips on where to find parts (a donor beogram 1000 may be the solution, but seems a waste!) would be greatly appreciated.


many thanks in advance!

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