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Suggestion for HDMI to RGB SCART (not CVBS SCART)?

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kimhav posted on Mon, Aug 12 2019 8:20 AM

Been looking around for some kind of decent HDMI to SCART (RGB output) and while there several cheap ones available for around 15-26 Euro range from the same manufacturers which produce the SCART to HDMI converters which only makes use of the SCART CVBS instead SCART RGB - I would like to reach out if anyone here has a suggestion for a decent converter/scaler?

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I see, but that's a rather special solution then, isn't it? It only allows for a particular source and most of us will run different setups with different sources, but still needing such converters. My source is the Beosystem 3. With that, the solution apparently doesn't work then?



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