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Rear Speaker...

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The Beonic Man
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The Beonic Man posted on Wed, Jul 24 2019 6:48 PM

Dear all...

I live in a modest mid-terraced 2 bedroom property. Space is pretty limited although a recent renovation freed up as much space as possible removing Victorian fireplaces, radiators and knocking down several walls to make as open plan as possible given the dimensions.

Current TV is a BV11-46 with the sofa approximately 2.5m away and just under the same space to the wall behind. On this wall I am considering putting a speaker (or 2 if needed) to serve 2 purposes if possible; firstly, rear sound for the television and secondly, decent sound for the whole of the downstairs.

I've read many times on this forum the popularity of the A9 even though I understand it's not stereo (correct me if wrong) and not my particular favourite design from the B&O portfolio. However, sound quality and reproduction is important to me; so my question is, would the A9 be a good choice to mount centrally on the wall behind the sofa to serve both purposes? If not, the Edge, a BeoSound 2, or something else such as BL3s perhaps? I have built a smart home using Nest/Google products so the use of Google Assistant would be preferable.

Because I haven't owned any of these products before I seek the expertise of others to advise please, especially as I am unsure whether any of these speakers can also be used as rear sound for the BV11 as well as stand alone speakers. Note that I do not have front left or front right speakers.

I'll take some pictures and add below in due course to give an idea of the space I have to play with, but it is small. Wireless speakers could also be an option although I really don't think space allows for anything like BL9s (that I sold several years ago), 20s, or similar.

Any suggestions and thoughts would be most welcome and very much appreciated.

With thanks,

BV11-46, BV8-32, V1-32, BS2, P6, A1, E8

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Peter replied on Wed, Jul 24 2019 8:20 PM

The amount of sound going to rear speakers is limited in most applications. Front speakers would be far more useful and enhance the sound a lot more. The purpose of the rear speakers in to immerse you more in a surround sound system and with just the BV11 in the front, I think it would sound odd. I would strongly suggest going to a dealer and get him to set up a similar system for you to listen to and compare to one with front speakers.


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Please bear in mind that from the 4 ‘devices’, that you mention as a possible solution for something placed ‘on the wall behind’, the 3 are music systems.

Only 1 is a speaker (or rightly a set of speakers) - the BL3’s.

You can not use a music system (e.g. the BeoSound 2) as a rear speakers for the BV11.

These 3 can be linked to the tv in order to provide the sound of the active source of the tv (that is one of the purposed of a linked BeoSystem).

If you want ‘rear speakers’, you need real speakers e.g. the mentioned BL3’s.

However, you can also use the independent of the rear speaker function.

With a modern BV like the BV11 you can set up Speaker Groups - you could set up these BL3’s as one Speaker Group and use that, when you just want to listen to music, netradio in the rear part of the room. For details about howto, please consult the user manual of the BV11 or feel free to ask here.

It is correct that the rear speakers do not carty much information in a multi channel setup (unless the source - a video service, blu ray discs etc - provide these. None the less I think it could be noce to be able to use a set of the BL3 as rear speakers....when they actually also can be part of a Speaker Group for this.

If you want speakers with a wireless option, you could use the BL17’s (WiSA).

If what you need is a possibility to have music, netradio or the linked sound from the tv, you should go for one of the 3 mentioned music systems.

I would place this further back in the room then - in the downstairs part.


P.S. You will be able to use named music systems (at least the newer versions) with Google Assistant/Chromecast...

If you want to integrate the BV11 in a ‘Google ecosystem’, you will need a ChromeCast device there (connected via HDMI).


The short version - only the BL3’s can be used as rear speakers, the BeoSystems are independent systems that can be linked to the BV11.


Hope that makes sense!



There is a tv - and there is a BV.

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It would be a bad idea to use the A9 or BeoSound systems as rear speakers. I have tried the A9 as front speakers using a line-In connection and they sound much better than a pair of BL 8000 + BL2 combo. But I don’t think I would use them as rears. Also, they only work in the front if you have a lot of space in a wide open room. Otherwise they look strange as regular front speakers. My 2 cents worth.

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