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Software for Beovision Avant 8111?

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baehat posted on Wed, Jul 17 2019 8:19 PM

Hi there.

I am looking to update the software on my beovision Avant 8111, as i am currently running on version 1.29.
As far as i can see, there exists a software version 2.24. 
I can also see, that the software resides in the chip 6IC1. But, where can i get the "new" software? I have spoken to B&O, they sent me to the local B&O dealer, who wanted nothing to do with my old Avant.
If anyone has a dump of the contents of chip 6IC1, I have access to an prom-writer, else any information on where to get the chip with the new software would be greatly appriciated.

Best Regards

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