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BeoLab8000 whistling noise

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JDFR posted on Mon, Jul 15 2019 11:35 PM


My installation is a pair of Beolab8000 1994-1995 -> Sonos Connect with SoundsHeavenly cables, and I stream the music from my smartphone.

Everything worked well (during approximatively one week) but since today I start to notice a whistling noise from the speakers (much more important on one of the two).

This is a very discreet but shrill whistling and I only hear it when the volume is low. When I play no music on the installation there is a noise word coming from each speakers but very very low and discreet, the only problem is this whistling noise that persist even when there’s no music playing.

I tried to disconnect everything but it didn’t worked.

- Could it be from dust from the speakers as they are quite old ? Should I remove the front cloth and clean the inside parts as It has never been done before.

- Maybe it’s my cable management that’s wrong (I wrapped a part of the cables with scratch) ?

- Maybe it’s a defect from the speakers themselves ? I thought about this but since it worked wonderfully one day ago (they weren’t used during 10 years before this thought)...


Any help would be greatly appreciated 

thank you very much


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