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MCL Problem - accessing V.AUX in Link Room

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Guy posted on Sat, Mar 10 2012 8:45 PM

I've just added a second STB to my BV3-32 in the lounge.  The TV is connected to my BC9500 using a Beolink Converter, which is in turn connected to a single link room by MCL, using an MCL2A with passive speakers.  Thus my two set top boxes, both listed on the STB-C, are connected as STB (SAT) and STB (V.AUX) respectively.

The problem is that I cannot access V.AUX in the link room - I want to do this to play audio/music from my second STB.  I can access the STB(SAT) audio without problems.  (There is no TV in the link room.)

I have played around with Option settings and reverted to those shown on the config guide, namely Option 1 for both BV3 and BC9500 in the Main Room, and Link Options 2 and 6 in the Link Room.

I have searched the Archived Forum without success.  Does anyone have any idea how I can solve the problem and access V.AUX in my Link Room?

Regards, Guy


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