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Beomaster 7000

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Bertus posted on Mon, Jul 1 2019 7:01 AM


I recently owned a Beomaster 7000 and I still had Beovox S75. The Beovox S75 does fine on its own, but you notice that the Beomaster has a lot more power.
When "screwing up" the volume knob, you notice that the speakers are having trouble, so don't turn the volume knob too high for the time being.
But what is the best choice of speakers for the Beomaster 7000?
Does anyone have advice. I'm thinking of the Beolab 6000 or 8000 myself?
Like to hear your opinion.

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i have one Beomaster 7000 running with a Beolab 2 and 2 Beolab 8000 and another one is running with 2 Beolab 3.

i think absolutely great sound. Pentas would work great too with the Beomaster.

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DMacri replied on Mon, Jul 1 2019 11:28 AM
To me the beauty of the BM7000 is it’s flexibility. It can connect to active or passive speakers using powerlink, speakerlink, or standard two wire connections. It could drive a single room or a whole house.

I’ve had success with it driving Vandersteen 2Ci speakers and three MCL2 rooms with a pair of Beovox S45, C75, and a generic pair of ceiling speakers.

Right now I have one acting as a preamp and audio switcher connected to a BeoSystem 3 with a converter and driving three remote rooms. Simply brilliant flexibility.


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