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Beocenter 9000

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cpucomp posted on Sun, Jun 16 2019 9:21 PM

Good evening b+o freaks

I have the following problem with a beocenter 9000: first i fixed a problem with the cd-Player playing only short , sometimes not reading ... a capacitator of 33uF was the reason on the cd-mainboard. Now its back on track and works fine.

the tape player was not working at all! it was never used by the former owner , the turning wheels been blocked by corrosion. I disassembeled the tape tape player get the wheels turning freely . they turn now again fast fwd and fast rwd. the tape player playes the music clear for about 3 seconds , stops, turns in the opposite direction , playes for an other 3 seconds and then stops. 

Does somebody knows where I have to search for a solution. 

My ideas: somewhere is a capacitator  out of limits , or is it the powerunit going low in supplying power (capacitator problem as well)

thanks for any reply



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