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Beosound Core with Beoremote One BT

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robertK posted on Thu, Jun 13 2019 12:54 AM

I am thinking of purchasing a BS Core together with Beolabs (17 or used 9) and would like to control it with a Beoremote One BT (second edition, no Netflix), that I have already. The idea is to use the remote to switch from TuneIn radio to other sources and put up a Chromecast playlist on my computer, that can be started, paused, skipped and volume-controlled with the remote.

How well does this work, any issues regarding BT connection with the remote?

Earlier posts in this forum showed plenty of issues with the Core, but it's software should be newer by now.

I tested a Beoplay A6 (MK3) with this setup - purchased from B&O directly - which I returned shortly after. In theory, the A6 has it all: Bluetooth, Airplay, Chromecast, TuneIn - pretty much the same as the Core, plus the speaker. The sound of the A6 was terrible, but the connection with the remote did not work, either. The Beoremote picked up some of my TuneIn stations (configured via app), but not immediately and not all. Switching stations was awkward and error-prone, switching sources sometimes did not work. The entire Beoremote One BT felt kind of "not really stable" - even on short distances. Not at all the swift response I was used to by prior B&O configurations with a Beo4.

That's why I wonder if I've got a bad remote, got a bad A6 or the entire system is just unreliable. And that raises the question whether the Core would be any better or just as frustrating. I assume they have both more or less the same software.

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The combination of the Core with the BR1BT works well here. Aside from the sometimes delay when the remote needs to startup as it is set in some suspend-mode to prevent the batteries from draining empty. But all the favorite stations are loaded in the BR1.

I have no other experiences with playlists other than Spotify or Deezer. But skipping tracks etc, works with the Core.

The BR1BT did get last week also an update after I put the Core in standby. 

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