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Opinion and reviews of Beosound Core

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Tavast posted on Wed, Jun 12 2019 1:22 PM

Hello all,

I am pondering a thought on purhcasing Beosound Core.

- Have you got any experiences on Core?

- Encountered any problems in usage?

- Thoughts on lifecycle of this product? I bought Essence MK1 as new and unfortunately I was a too early bird for this product to find out (after numerous problems with the system itself) a couple of years later B&O decided not to support it anymore. Huge letdown for customers from the highly respected manufacturer, I would say.

Cheers, folks! Cool 

Listening music with Beosound Core, Beolab 9s, Beolab 12-2s, Beolab 19, Beosystem 1

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I enjoy mine. I have it running sound for my television connected to a pair of BeoLab 3s & a subwoofer. I'm controlling it with a Control4 system when used for video and either AirPlay 2 or the B&O App for music. The sound is excellent and I haven't had any network issues that were common in a few of the earlier networked products. 

As far as the lifecycle, it's as current as the sources it plays and what firmware it can take, but that would seem to be pretty good as the whole BeoLink Multiroom portfolio is AirPlay 2 compatible which happened to most products well after release. That seems to bode well for active support. 

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I had significant problems when I tried it in October 2017 and it was all down to the poor software of B&O app at the time. Those issues may in part be resolved. I returned mine for a refund and been using Roon which has been perfect and 100% reliable. I’d encourage you to borrow one from a dealer and try it for a couple of weeks before you buy one or buy on condition that the dealer will refund you if you are not happy. It is all about what you want and whether it meets your needs.
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