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Beosound 8 - Faulty keypad

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8000Kristian posted on Tue, Jun 11 2019 10:13 PM
Dear Beoworld.

I have bought a faulty Beosound 8, thinking that i could bring it back to life by ising an old iPhone with the 30-pin dock-connector. Whistle

Luckily it did wake up the speaker.

But the keypad didn’t light up. And the buttons on the keypad didn’t response to touches. Surprise

I then decided to dismantle the Beosound 8.

I found that the 20-pin flex cable connecting the keypad to the mains board had snapped.

So I found a website selling flex cables and ordered what seemed to be the right cable.

Today I received the replacement cable and installed it instead of the broken cable. Everything went to plan, so fingers crossed, I plugged it in.

Light showed up... But not the light I had hoped for. The light is pink and the surrounding LED-ring have a white light in the left and the right side ConfusedConfused.

Does anybody have an idea what that means?

A young bloke in his early 20's with an expensive hobby..


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