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Hellooo world

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beo909 Posted: Sat, Jun 8 2019 10:09 AM

Good morning BeoWorlders. Popped in to say hi and hello. I have been lurking back stage for quite a while now. That'll be the sound engineer /musician in me. Although, there are some charges pending under the trade description act pertaining to the latter...

It's time to get proactive. I've found the manuals invaluable. There's bits kit lying about all over the place, lots of it B and O. Some needs fixing, some doesn't. Some needs selling, watch this space. Synths, amps, mixers and so on. Studio stuff, yeah. I'd like my stuff to go to good homes and as BeoWorlders you are clearly driven by the "what's it sound like?" germ and that is good. I'm in the right place to be bothered by people who are bothered by "what's it sound like" and be bothered enough to change many things in life inspired by "what's it sound like? "

I love pentas, I have 7. They let me mix continuously and I've found the only speaker over nearly 4 decades  which for me never induces listener fatigue. They're incredible. I've done 40 hour stints... 

They're All different of course, and I have many questions.

Hopefully I have some answers to share also.

2 are tri amped, 2 are biamped, the others active - well they're not actually. They just sit on their amps, shorter wires, doesn't make them active. I digress, that happens a lot. Am only ever moments away from talking nonsense or upsetting someone so I apologise in advance, I mean no disrespect. I have brain damage, really... Brain injuries blablabla

I'll upload fotos as I pootle about my world of devastating chaos and hopefully be able to share a few chats, swap ideas, get inspired blablabla

Learn something every day, teach something every day, help someone every day... Do that and it's a good day

Well that's me for now, I'm off to turn this 


Well I tried to upload picture a couple of times and got the error message so it looks like I broke the forum on my first post


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CB replied on Sat, Jun 8 2019 4:12 PM
Hi and welcome on board Smile
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909 ,- I am 141 Smile

Welcome, and for the record I share your devotion for the Pentas.

From the softest crisp whisper to the loudest thump,- everything is handled with ease and total control Thumbs Up

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